Currently, our only modes of official communication are IRC and the mailing list. With an IRC client installed, you can connect with us using the following information:

  • Server: (use SSL)
  • Channel: #opennic

Need an IRC client? Here’s some suggestions for various platforms:

Using a web based system (like ChromeOS)? Check out KiwiIRC. Want a simple, hosted online solution? Check out IRCCloud. Want to stay always connected with distributed clients? Check out Quassel.

We can not support you with your IRC client, contact the developers of the client you’re using if you have any issues. The links above are only suggestions and we can’t be held responsible for any damage or issues they may cause.

Members of our community have also formed unofficial discussion centers where you may be able to find support.

OpenNIC on Discord

We have an unofficial Discord server operated by Jonah (ns11.opennic.glue) for support and discussion.