This post was copied from the legacy WordPress blog and likely does not contain up to date information. It has been retained for historical purposes.

For many years OpenNIC has dragged the joomla site along kicking and screaming. We all hated it, but for some reason lived with it. It’s weird how the world works in this way. Sounds like an all to familar song about ICANN. Well we are here to again break that tradition. Welcome to OpenNICs new look… We’ve had some colour changes, we’ve had a facelift. We are still the same OpenNIC, we just look different.

The one regular feedback always received about OpenNIC is that information is hard to find, the main site lacked substance. What you see today tries to solve these issues and many more. For instance, OpenNIC is now using central authentication for web services provided. Your OpenNIC username and password will grant you access to:

www.opennic.glue Soon the wiki will also follow. What if someone wanted to view this site without OpenNIC DNS? Just change the above urls to end with So to access this site it is So what other changes have occured?

Well we have a membership center. This is a site which allows you to create and control your OpenNIC membership. By visiting http://members.opennic.glue you can create an OpenNIC membership. Once created, you can then log into that site and update your membership details or your password.

This site will be growing alot over the coming months, so ensure you keep checking back!

As always thanks for supporting OpenNIC.